AgroLife Ltd.- Bioremediation Technical Consulting Service
As an authorized agent and distributor of FARM FOR PROFIT and B&S RESEARCH,
AgroLife Ltd., located in Fukuoka Japan and with over 10 years experience in the Asian markets, is available to provide technical assistance, consulting, and communication in relation to FARM FOR PROFIT and B&S RESEARCH programs, product sales, technical training, importation, and distribution.

B&S RESEARCH and FARM FOR PROFIT are two affiliated environmental technology companies with multifaceted products, services, and technical skills serving a diverse clientele base. While B&S RESEARCH (Bioremediation Solutions) serves the critical needs of the manufacturing industries with bioremediation products and consulting services to clean up environmental contamination; the FARM FOR PROFIT program representatives meet the needs of farmers by sharing successful farming methods and technical services to reduce input costs while maintaining or increasing crop yields to sustain farmers' profitability.

B&S RESEARCH was founded in 1979 by H.W. "Bill" Lashmett, a biologist, chemist, and a highly successful retired farmer. B&S RESEARCH developed a series of tested bioremediation products and proven procedures for converting chemicals, fertilizers, and oil contamination into beneficial residues in production farming. Today this technology serves two major markets; manufacturing and agriculture.

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