B&S Research, Inc. is an advanced environmental technology company with its roots in agricultural bioremediation. Co-founded in 1979 by Bill and Suzi Lashmett, they developed and tested a series of biological products which have proven to be uniquely effective in the cleanup of toxic soil and water situations. These products are listed in both the ATACA and VISITT Databanks.

In 1979, H.W. "Bill" Lashmett recognized the potential of bioremediation in the treatment of hazardous wastes when it (bioremediation) was regarded by academia as an exceedingly farfetched dream. Bill not only had the foresight and technical abilities, he also had the drive and entrepreneurial skills to bring about the development of his concept into B&S Research.

B&S research is a company formed to provide bioremediation products for in-situ biological degradation of pesticides, PCBs, and hydrocarbon contaminants. The products was originally used by farmers to increase soil fertility and crop yield without the risks associated with the heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers. Since that time, results have shown that the B&S Research products are successful in the degradation of pesticides, crude oil and PCBs.

What is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation literally means to biologically breakdown into parts. The biological control of bioremediation lies in the microorganisms that occur everywhere in the soil. These microorganisms are partially responsible for the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen that compose the atmosphere.

The fact that hydrocarbons undergo decomposition through bio degradation is not new. What is new, is the vast economical use of microorganisms for cleaning agricultural chemical overuse and some fertilizers. Proving not only economical savings, an ecologically sound approach to these hazardous situations but a quicker and more complete cleanup without any negative side effects.

A Natural Process of Cleaning the Soil
No one can deny that the most publicly acceptable process of soil remediation is to let naturally occurring microorganisms do their job and clean soil that has been contaminated. This natural process happens every day in the forest, and in composting bins where household waste is renewed into usable soil.

But what happens when the natural organisms in the soil are destroyed by contamination? The solution is to add these natural microorganisms back into the contaminated soil, so the natural bioremediation process can clean the soil. Because the natural microorganisms are injected into the soil in a perfectly analyzed and balanc3d solution, the soil can be cleaned to a level unequaled by and faster than any other method. And the soil is preserved for future generations.

Research and Development

The B&S "STEP 1 REMEDY" (microorganisms) was first used in the FARM FOR PROFIT corporation where it proved successful in treating farm lands contaminated through the over use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Bill Lashmett discovered that residual pesticide concentrations in the soil were greatly reduced allowing for higher quality and yields. This led to subsequent tests that demonstrated effective degradation of crude oil in soil and sea water as well as degradation of the PCB and Dioxin contamination in soil, water, and on cement surfaces.

It is unnerving that some universities and commercial laboratories have even altered the genetic makeup of the naturally occurring microorganisms in order to accelerate the process of bio degradation. B&S Research, Inc. believes that altering the genetic makeup is a mistake, a laboratory can not possibly conduct a test as stringent as the test that naturally occurring microorganisms have endured. Furthermore, if the genetically engineered organisms are released into the environment, no one can possibly calculate the long-term ramifications.


  • In-Situ application reduces costs drastically
  • Economical to use
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-Hazardous
  • reduces special equipment needs required by other technologies.
  • Reduces special handling needs required by other technologies.
  • Reduces special handling needs required by other technologies.
  • Consistent and stable product
  • 3 year shelf-life for microbes
  • Fast working in any soil

Easy to Use with Reduced Costs

As a rule of thumb, B&S Research recommends using a B&S qualified technician for advice onsite. However, Clients can be trained on the ongoing bioremediation treatment of the soil. There is a reduced need for special equipment and special handling as compared to alternative methods

The application procedures for B&S Research bioremediation products are economical, reducing costs dramatically as compared to other methods and technologies.

Problem Solving and Applications Agriculture, industry, academia, health professionals, policy makers, program regulators, and environmentalists all know of the real risks associated with environmental contaminants. The problem is to determine how best to mitigate the contaminants risks and then inform the public and industry on the safe, easy to use, and cost effective solutions to the problem. B&S Research has that technology.

PCB CONTAMINATED CEMENT (surfaces with old oil PCB spill)

  1. Test 1 - Initially with 652 ppm PCB contamination, and 24 hours later 199 ppm or, 69% reduction in one day with one treatment.
  2. Test 2 - Initially with 47 ppm, and only 24 hours later showed 5 ppm or, 89.5% reduction in one day with one treatment.
  3. Test 3 - Initially with 51 ppm and after 1 treatment reduced to 46 ppm. After 2 treatments reduced to 5 ppm, or 90.2% reduction in two treatments.
  4. Test 4 - Initially with 26 ppm after 1 treatment reduced to7 ppm or, 73,1% reduction after one treatment.
  5. Test 5 - Initially with 993 ppm and after 1 treatment reduced to 86 ppm. After two treatments reduced to 10 ppm or, 89.2% reduction.

Types of Media

Contaminant Groups

Soil (in situ)
Soil (ex situ)
Municipal solid waste
Saturated sediment (in situ)
Saturated sediment (ex situ)
Groundwater (in situ)
Streams and Rivers

Halogenated volatiles
Halogenated semi volatiles
Nonhalogenated volatiles
Nonhalogenated semi volatiles
Organic pesticides/herbicides
Acetonitrile (organic cyanide)
Organometallic pesticides/herbicides
Organic acids

Waste Source or Types of Sites Treated

Agriculture Applications
Chlor-alkali Manufacturing
Coal Gasification
Dry Cleaners
Gasoline Service Station/Petroleum Storage Facility
Herbicide Manufacturing/Use
Industrial Landfills
Machine Shops

Municipal Landfills
Munitions Manufacturing, Use, and Storage
Pesticide Manufacturing/Use/Storage
Petroleum Refining and Reuse
Plastics Manufacturing
Pulp and Paper Industry
Other Organic Chemical Manufacturing/Use
Wood Preserving
Aboveground Storage Tank


Twin City Testing
Northeast Technology Resource Center
Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corporation


B&S Research supplies quality "STEP 1 ACHIEVE" and "STEP 1 REMEDY" (microorganisms) for FARM FOR PROFIT Research and Development, Inc. for agricultural applications. In addition, B&S Research has developed "STEP 1 ACHIEVE" and "INDUSTRIAL STEP 1 MICROORGANISMS" (PDF FILE) specifically for industrial applications. The "STEP 1 ACHIEVE" enhances the growth of the natural microbes with a combination of emulsifiers and nutrients. This improves the aerobic/anaerobic bioremediation process which has proven to be successful in environmental clean ups including chemicals, organic compounds, PCB's, hydrocarbons, sludge, sewage, municipal solid waste, and streams. INDUSTRIAL BIOREMEDIATION


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