Principle #1 - Proper Soil Management

Every healthy soil requires natural microbes to produce healthy crops and properly managed soil allows the availability of nutrients to the root system.

FARM FOR PROFIT'S "STEP 1 REMEDY AND ACHIEVE release nutrients and micronutrients, making them available to plants and establishing a balance of nutrition in the soil; leading to increased natrual organic activity that:

  • Improves soil tilth
  • The return of earthworms
  • Activates natural microbial activity for a healthier soil environment
  • Gets life back into the soil
  • Improves soil structure
  • Increased root depth
  • Bigger and better root systems
  • Better yields
  • Helps clean up toxicity through bioremediation
  • Increased water absorption
  • More food value for the crop - (increased protein and sugar count)

Soil that is hard and compacted doesn't allow root systems to penetrate, and soil that is full of agricultural chemicals burns off roots. The soil and root mass on the right was treated with Farm For Profit Remedy and Achieve in the spring and shows greatly improved corn root development; and the untreated, compacted siil on the left shows poor root development.

"STEP 1ACHIEVE" is the FARM FOR PROFIT product that enhances microbial activity in the soil.
gSTEP 1 ACHIEVEh along with gSTEP 1 REMEDYh was perfected after many years of testing and was introduced to American and Canadian agriculture in 1988. gACHIEVEh is blended with gREMEDYh and together are applied to the soil bringing more life to the soil. gSTEP 1 REMEDYh has natural microbes, not genetic microbes, which serve to degrade all contaminants including toxic chemicals and fertilizers in the soil which can cause vital nutrients to become locked up and unavailable to the plant.

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The FARM FOR PROFIT program consists of four major principles:

Principle #1 - Proper soil management (in any type of soil)
Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition in the fields (for any crop)
Principle #3 - Reduced chemical rates with as good or better production results.
Principle #4 - Training and Education for farmers to maximize their opportunity for success.


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