Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition

For optimum plant growth and production, all soil should be composed of the following:

  • 43% to 49% minerals
  • 25% moisture
  • 25% air space or pore space
  • 1% to 7% organic matter



True Solution 3-18-18 Fertilizer

FARM FOR PROFIT research verified that the best results are achieved by using 3-18-18 true solution fertilizer which provides adequate levels of available phosphorous and potash. Only recently have leading agricultural colleges begun to publish and recommend farming practices that FARM FOR PROFIT has been utilizing since 1979. Specifically, FARM FOR PROFIT has always subscribed to the practice of increasing profits by reducing input costs and by using only a starter fertilizer when soil test results show a medium or higher soil test.

gThere is no economic benefit for using P or K when soil test are above the medium range. Admittedly, there are occasional positive yields on farms due to dry fertilizer usage, but they are usually in isolated years; however, final analysis have shown that the results often do not pay the fertilizer bills.h
1991 Iowa State Agronomist Research: Journal of Production Agriculture, and Landowner Newsletter.

The answer to higher yields is increasing nutrient availability, not merely higher application rates of P and K fertilizers. FARM FOR PROFIT trains the individual farmers in the decision process on how much P or K is best for their respective farms along with the proper nutrient levels.

FARM FOR PROFIT recommends a quality true solution fertilizer product placed in the root zone rather than broadcast. A split-shot application of nitrogen at reduced rates, along with management by proper soil test results will provide considerable savings.

FARM FOR PROFIT'S "STEP 2 True Solution Starer Fertilizer can be applied at planting time or as a folier feed. The positive results of using STEP 2 3-18-18 Fertilizer verses no fertilization can be dramatic, as is demonstrated by the corp on the right.



Why use FARM FOR PROFIT True Solution Fertilizer?

  • Low salt index
  • doesn't settle out
  • cost effective
  • true solution results (each drop contains same amount of N-P-K)
  • excellent foliar application coverage
  • 100% availability to plants at germination.

Minerals and Trace Elements

As a part of the total FARM FOR PROFIT program, regular soil tests are required to determine the soil nutrients, and overall health of the soil. Based on the soil test results, FARM FOR PROFIT then offers soil management recommendation to solving nutrient balance problems and provides the necessary trace nutrients and application rate information. FARM FOR PROFIT recommends only chelated liquid nutrients because it is 100% soluble and is available to the plant immediately.
Necessary Trace Nutrients include:

  • Zink 9%
  • Iron 4.5%
  • Copper 7.5%
  • Manganese 5%
  • Calcium 3%
  • Boron


The FARM FOR PROFIT program consists of four major principles:

Principle #1 - Proper soil management (in any type of soil)
Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition in the fields (for any crop)
Principle #3 - Reduced chemical rates with as good or better production results.
Principle #4 - Training and Education for farmers to maximize their opportunity for success.

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