Principle #3 - Reduced Chemical Rates

The FARM FOR PROFIT vegetable oil is a special product consisting of 93% once refined soybean oil and 7% or our quality emulsifier. By blending the herbicides and insecticides with the vegetable oil, FARM FOR PROFIT clients are able to reduce their chemical rates by 25% to 80% ((depending on selected chemicals) while at the same time getting the same or better kill results and putting a stop to over application and the continuing accumulation of toxic chemicals in the soil.

The soybean oil encapsulates the chemicals and protects them from oxygen and sunlight degradation while simultaneously improving the uniformity of the spray droplet size for better control reduced drift, increased coverage on leaf surfaces, and reduced wash

The use of vegetable or soybean oil instead of the traditional petroleum based crop oil will dramatically increase the availability of nutrients for crop production, and adequately control weeds and grasses. FARM FOR PROFIT program representatives advise farmers on how best to cut chemical rates dependent upon environmental conditions, types of weeds and grasses, and soil types and conditions.


RULE OF THUMB: Use 1 quart of FARM FOR PROFIT vegetable oil if gincorporatedh or gpre-emergingh chemicals; and 1 pint of FARM FOR PROFIT vegetable oil if gpost emergingh chemicals.

Always use slightly more FARM FOR PROFIT vegetable oil than the total liquid chemical to ensure encapsulation.

FARM FOR PROFIT recommends waiting to see which problem needs are developing before spraying. By blending pesticides with SSTEP 3 vegetable Oil, the application rate can most commonly be decreased by 50%. Vegetable Oil used along with herbicides achieves weed-free fields, while saving the farmer money and sustaining the soil.


The FARM FOR PROFIT program consists of four major principles:

Principle #1 - Proper soil management (in any type of soil)
Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition in the fields (for any crop)
Principle #3 - Reduced chemical rates with as good or better production results.
Principle #4 - Training and Education for farmers to maximize their opportunity for success.

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