Principle #4 - Education and Training

As the sole representative and agent of FARM FOR PROFIT in ASIA, we are devoted to helping local farmers, governments, and the general public to understand the importance of sustained agriculture and provide assistance in reducing costs to the farmers that will simultaneously insure a cleaner and safe environment for our future.
We are skilled in farming techniques, soil sampling, reading soil test, chemicals, and in training people regarding successful, profitable farming using the gSTEP 1 ACHIEVEh and STEP 1 REMEDYh along with the four principles of the FARM FOR PROFIT program.

We provide counseling, consulting, and training assistance to farmers and farmer groups concerning agriculture knowledge, skills, information, and products so they can:

  • manage their respective soils
  • test their soils
  • read soil test properly
  • reduce chemical rates
  • promote the use of proper plant nutrition
  • properly use equipment in chemical application
  • properly use equipment for fertilizer application
  • maintain records for cost comparisons
  • sustain their soil and water environment
  • sustain or increase yield
  • reduce input costs
  • make a fair return on profits.
The best place to evaluate the results of agricultural methods and educate farmers is in the field. FARM FOR PROFIT representatives provide timely advice and support. FARM FOR PROFIT representative are specialists who use state-of-the-art testing methods to determine proper application rates to sustain the soil and achieve maximum yields.


The FARM FOR PROFIT program consists of four major principles:

Principle #1 - Proper soil management (in any type of soil)
Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition in the fields (for any crop)
Principle #3 - Reduced chemical rates with as good or better production results.
Principle #4 - Training and Education for farmers to maximize their opportunity for success.

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