"FARM FOR sharing with farmers to help sustain the environment, the land, and the consuming public. "


What is Sustainable Agriculture?

The concept of Sustainable Agriculture is quite simple. It means that to continue living in our world, we must be careful not to destroy the land on which we depend. We must keep our air and water clean, developing and implementing methods that support this mission. Our farmers are stewards of the earth, and have an obligation to protect and nurture her.

There are three elements to Sustainable Agriculture:

I. The environmentally responsible farmer must be sustained. We, as consumers, support these farmers by choosing foods that are produced in an environmentally responsible manner. The farmer is the mainstay of our food source, and he must be sustained by our support.

II. Our water, soil and air must be sustained. Farmers who participate in our Chemical-Free Certification program are doing their part in cleaning up the soil, the water and the air. These are the resources upon which they, as farmers, depend. They are the beginning of a cleaning process that will protect and preserve these resources for our future generations.

III. The consuming public must be sustained. This means that we need to carefully consider the foods we serve to our families. Clean, wholesome foods -- free from chemical residue -- are important to the our health and well-being, and that of our children. By being careful what we eat, we will be sure to live healthier, longer lives.

When these three principles are blended together -- with farmers and consumers working cooperatively toward these goals -- we will all benefit. Ourselves, our farmers, our families and future depend on it.

Farmer Organized

FARM FOR PROFIT was started in 1979 because of a common need among a group of farmers to put profit into their farm operations. As a result of years of investigation, research, study, and testing, FARM FOR PROFIT developed a proactive program that was highly successful in reducing input costs, while simultaneously increasing yields in their individual farms. Originally, the goal of this small group of farmers was to share their experiences, skills, knowledge, and technology with every farmer in the U.S. and Canada so they may also experience the same degree of success. Now, with over 10,000 farms throughout the U.S. and Canada, FARM FOR PROFIT is continuing further to expand to the horizon by providing the same benefits to the farmers of the WORLD.

The Farmer's problem

FARM FOR PROFIT started their own research programs in order to cut the production expenses of the farmers while increasing the crop output. Through the use of the FARM FOR PROFIT programs, a more healthy, and fertile soil can be achieved.

Over years of agriculture production, soils are continually degraded and compacted, which in turn causes slow water penetration, water run off, erosion, reduced air spaces in the soil, low oxygen content, and limited root growth that reduces nutrient uptake into the plants. This results in reduced yields and causes the farmer to seek relief; usually by increasing chemical use, increased fertilizer use, or investing in new equipment believing that the solution to their problems can be mechanically eliminated.

Save Money

gDecompactingh by mechanical methods is NOT the solution to high yields. Simply buying expensive equipment and varying tillage techniques is an oversimplified solution to managing compaction.
The combination of excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers build up in the soil and causes a toxicity along with soil compaction. Compound this situation with attempts by farmers to achieve 100% weed control with expensive herbicides and insecticides at full rates. Often the result is chemical damage, and that results in reduced yields as well, and cuts into profits.

The Solution

The cheapest, best, and most efficient and effective alternative is for the farmer to manage his own soil for future profits. Excellent tilth, massive root systems, healthy pore space (containing air, water, nutrients, earthworms, and microorganisms) are needed for good plant growth. The life in the soil is the fertility which yields profits. FARM FOR PROFIT provides the farmer proper management, products, services, training, technology and assistance to bring profitability back into farming while increasing the quality of food for the consuming public.


The FARM FOR PROFIT program consists of four major principles:

Principle #1 - Proper soil management (in any type of soil)
Principle #2 - Balanced Nutrition in the fields (for any crop)
Principle #3 - Reduced chemical rates with as good or better production results.
Principle #4 - Training and Education for farmers to maximize their opportunity for success.


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